After cooperating with Indiegogo in the European and American markets, we brought support and feedback from more than 5,000 crowdfunding users and more than 3,000 users on other platforms. We came to Japan with great sincerity and confidence. Hope that more and more people will like PocketDrum.  

Photo by Joseph Polanskiy

Different from Indiegogo, this crowdfunding we and the platform have communicated a lot about product positioning and audience. Because “PocketDrum” has enough user feedback in the European and American markets, it makes us more confident when making some decisions.  

The Makuake platform has taught us a lesson in helping us land on the Japanese market. Japan ’s attitude towards respecting consumers is strict to almost harsh, and their consumers do not accept objective conditions or functions that have not yet been realized or are coming. This makes us dare not to compromise the product objectively and to demand the accuracy of every link of the product while meeting the challenge.

Photo by Joseph Polanskiy

We collected the requests of many Japanese users by mail, strengthened the teaching attributes and added recording functions. At the same time, the animation of the foot drum is smoothly implanted in the App. In the actual operation process, the screen will accurately feedback the user’s foot movements, which restores the authenticity of the drum, while making it difficult for beginners to get started.  

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